Brentwood Town Centre redevelopment details

August 1, 2012

Proposed redevelopment overlayed over existing site

I like the idea of Burnaby’s town centres. They are a good example of transit oriented development (TOD): having high density mixed-use development situated around rapid transit nodes. In the case of Brentwood though, there are a few things that are keeping the town centre from being a really great walkable community. The first is the mall, located as it is in the middle of a large surface parking lot (taking up valuable land right next to the Skytrain station). The other is the design of the major roads. Lougheed and Willingdon are both wide roads with many lanes of fast-moving traffic and small sidewalks with little buffer from the road. These two things make for a pretty poor pedestrian experience in the area. That’s why I am happy to hear about the proposed redevelopment of the Brentwood Town Centre mall.

Shape Properties, the owner of the mall, recently released updated plans for the transformation of the mall lands into a high-density mixed-use centre that would act as the heart of the Brentwood neighbourhood. The plan is to create a highly walkable and accessible commercial and residential area, and a number of features help accomplish this goal:

  • Street-oriented commercial space along both Willingdon and Lougheed
  • A finer street grid with new streets and pedestrian pathways partitioning the large block of land
  • A two-tiered public plaza at the corner of Lougheed and Willingdon adjacent to the Skytrain station
  • More intense and dense building forms near Willingdon and Lougheed, stepping back to integrate into the low-density residential near Beta
  • Widened sidewalks, rain gardens, street trees, street furniture and separated urban trails along both Willingdon and Lougheed
  • A LEED-ND Gold rating for the entire neighbourhood, as well as LEED certification for individual buildings

These changes address my concerns with the area and will certainly make for a healthier and more vibrant town centre. No timeline is given for the redevelopment, but the Southwest portion of the site which borders Lougheed and Willingdon would be the first to be redeveloped. Hopefully this happens sooner rather than later.

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  1. Richard says:

    Lougheed and Willingdon have ‘many lanes of fast moving traffic?’

    Since when? That intersection is terrible. The volume of traffic on both roads, coupled with terrible signal timing, makes that specific intersection move at a snail’s pace anytime during the day.

    This just smells of the site owner trying to cash in on the condo boom in the area and further gentrification of the area.

  2. Tony says:

    I own my home in the neighbourhood..all i have seen in the last few years is…towers with More people more noise more traffic and my taxes keep going up..beyond the rate of inflation…our taxes should be going down with all this new tax base shouldn’t it? better find a way to compensate us homeowners in the neighbourhood or you Will have me at least raising a stink.

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